An REIT investment can be thought of as buying shares of a company that primarily deals with real estate. You get a slice of any profit they make, minus the costs, as a periodic dividend. Some REITs invest in real estate directly, earning rental income and management fees. Others put their money into real estate debt, such as mortgages and mortgage-backed securities. However, if they own and operate many different properties, their long-term growth will get averaged across them all. Also, they have the same risk as investing in one single company. is a bit different from an REIT. We let you invest in real estate to grow and diversify your wealth while eliminating the upfront income/cost barrier for a bank mortgage. It is also resistant to sudden short-term shocks and avoids getting into the nitty gritty of managing a rental. Starting at $2500, our AI-powered platform helps you achieve above-human performance earning monthly rental income, as well.
as capital appreciation. Take a look at our fabulous properties you can invest in right now, for as little as $2500, and happy investing!

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Guaranteed Investment Plan

If you don’t invest, your money would buy half as much in 10 years due to inflation in prices. To invest, one of the most popular low-risk plans offered by the Canadian government and Trust companies are GICs. This Guaranteed Investment plan is purchased by people for a fixed length of time, receiving a fixed rate of interest.

Exchange-Traded Fund

The investment in ETF is a way pool to their money in different securities like bonds, stocks, shares, money market instruments, etc. The traded price of an ETF changes throughout the day like any other stock, as it is bought and sold like any other stock but unlike regular mutual funds.

Savings Plans

Registered Education Savings Plan

An RESP is a tax-free saving account for parents who want to save for their children’s studies after high school. The government of Canada contributes 20% on the first $2500 annually and a maximum of $500 per beneficiary per year. The contribution towards an RESP must stop by 31 years after one has registered in the plan.

Registered Retired Savings Plan

An RRSP is a saving account registered with the federal government that you use to save for retirement. If invest in RRSP, you can claim a deduction during income tax return filing. If your income is lower and you don’t require to pay any tax, RRSP investment carries forward and you can claim in the future when your income is higher and eligible for tax.

Stock Market

Based on the market survey and prescription from market advisors it is good to invest in stocks, also known as equity. They make a fraction or a part of the corporation that can give you returns based on market conditions. There are frameworks and a variety of fast changing stocks in many different exchanges.
around the world with a steep learning curve. Therefore, it is important to get professional advice before investing in stocks whose units are popularly known as ‘shares’.

Bonds Market

Saving bonds are considered a lower-risk investment as they are backed by the government. You can purchase bonds directly from the issuing government or also through your brokerage account. They usually sell at a face value of $1,000 each but are purchased in blocks of five or ten at a time.

Real Estate

Real estate can be a great investment too. Although most of the investments in real estate are appreciated after a longer period. It will also take time to learn, how to invest in real estate, but there are quick ways to get started on a modest budget. A critical roadblock is the steep levels of funding required to buy a home. In 2021, an average home in Vancouver or Toronto is well above $1 million, and typically requires at least a 20% down payment to qualify for a mortgage. In addition, local rental laws, taxes and renovation related municipal laws vary quite a bit and add multiple barriers to investing. has innovative solutions to almost all of these traditional hurdles allowing you to invest in such homes without any effort or paperwork. Take a look at how we do this at our FAQ page.


Cryptocurrency, barely a decade old, is one of the most volatile investments in recent times. Cryptocurrencies are not legal tender in Canada but can be used for buying goods or services online or in limited stores that accept them. Cryptocurrency is a good investment if you want to gain direct exposure to the demand for digital currency, such as Bitcoin or Etherium. A crypto exchange is like a brokerage, once an investor has chosen their exchange, they will need to connect to their payment method. However, their extreme volatility, lack of regulation, various scams, as well as poor environmental footprint has given them a notorious reputation.

Tax-free Saving Account

A Tax-Free Savings Account is a registered account introduced by the Federal Government in the 2008 Budget. With no locking period, in TFSA all invested money grows tax-free. The interest, dividends, and capital earned in TFSA are tax-free for a lifetime and savings can be withdrawn from your account at any time.