Key Topics:

  • How to create your own pathway to financial freedom by alternate strategies of investing
  • Active VS Passive Investing
  • Portfolio Diversification and how to rebalance your investment portfolio.


Dr. Chinmay Jain (Profile) Assistant Professor at Ontario Tech University, Oshawa

Dr. Chinmay Jain is an Assistant Professor of Finance in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology. His research primarily focuses on market microstructure, short selling, high-frequency trading, financial regulations, and cryptocurrencies. He teaches courses on corporate finance, derivatives securities, electronic trading and exchanges, international finance, fixed income securities, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Dr. Archana Jain (Profile) Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York

Dr. Archana Jain is an Assistant Professor of Finance in the Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her research focuses on market microstructure, short selling, corporate governance. She teaches Corporate Financial Management, Financial Markets, and Investments. She has an MBA in International Business, has experience working in an accounting firm as well as working as a senior consultant in a Fortune 500 company.

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