Inflation and You

Expectedly, financial issues are on top priority than your family, work, education, health and technology problems. Every individual strives hard to overcome this financial crisis amid rising energy prices and inflation. Pandemic contributed to a major financial crisis, resulting in economic instability, surging consumer demands, and increased taxes, contributing to the high cost of living with no change in earnings. Uncertainty in your lives due to lack of strict government policies, increased borrowing and spending
worldwide, lack of clarity about the rate of inflation, and constantly push in managing the finances.

Unsure about Retirement Savings

With the current economic situation worldwide, people are unsure whether their retirement benefits, superannuation, savings, and other assets are sufficient to maintain their lifestyle. The rising cost of living worries all the ages above 40 and concerns that they are not aware of how much they need to save to maintain their standard of living and last through retirement.

Concerned about Volatile Economy

All are concerned about salary growth not keeping up with inflation, and the severe economic instability impacts mental health and overall well-being. Maximum people are worried about their financial situation and not confident enough to advance money matters. The gig economy and advanced workforce impact job security and market security.

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