BuyProperly and Trinnium Equity Group partnership provides open access to real-estate investment and upgraded rental housing for the San Antonio region.

Alternative investment marketplace BuyProperly launches its first San Antonio deal for private real estate investors.

SAN ANTONIO, Feb. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- BuyProperly, a North American marketplace for alternative investments, today announced its partnership with Trinnium Equity Group, a recognized expert in multifamily apartments. The deal, which brings Vivid Apartment Homes onto the BuyProperly marketplace, introduces another accessible real estate investment opportunity for North Americans, demonstrates how forward-thinking developers are accessing capital to solve fundamental challenges like the housing shortage, and marks BuyProperly's entrance into the San Antonio market.

“For nearly a decade, Trinnium Equity Group has been making world-class investment opportunities accessible to everyday real estate investors and quality rental housing available in their communities.” said Khushboo Jha, Founder and CEO of BuyProperly. “This is the ideal match for BuyProperly, where savvy North Americans are finding a way to access alternative investments, including the lucrative real estate market, on their own terms.”

The housing crisis across North America has created a high-demand for quality rental properties that remain affordable, particularly in areas like San Antonio. It is a challenge for developers to fill this need given the rising cost of land and construction materials post pandemic and the increase of red tape while working through municipal requirements, which vary by region. Many developers are seeking new ways to make this process more efficient, including refurbishments to older buildings and alternative methods of accessing capital.

BuyProperly’s online marketplace lets North Americans sort through wealth-generating opportunities and invest in assets at an accessible level. Complementing a century of experience in real estate, investments and technology within the team, the BuyProperly platform leverages AI and machine learning to provide personalized property recommendations and predictive analytics to help investors make informed decisions and enable developers to spend more time building, rather than sourcing capital.

“BuyProperly is another lever for us to make quality housing affordable and democratize real estate investing at the same time,” said Brandon Slater, Managing Partner, Trinnium Equity Group. “There is clearly a need for rental housing in San Antonio and the region is very attractive to investors, even across state borders. We are excited to be leveraging the latest technology to grant even broader access to our investment opportunities, particularly this latest high-potential and niche development that will bring great benefits to the region.”

Trinnium’s Apartment Homes project involves the refurbishment of an established and stable 104-unit apartment community nestled within the vibrant Westover Hills community of San Antonio. Trinnium is building on $750,000 in recent exterior renovations with upgraded units for maximized rental income for investors. More information on the investment opportunity with Vivid Apartment Homes is available on buyproperly.com.

About BuyProperly:

BuyProperly is an online marketplace that gives North Americans access to high-performing, wealth-generating opportunities in alternative asset classes, such as real estate, at an accessible investment level. Combined with more than a century of experience in real estate, investments and technology, the BuyProperly platform leverages the best in AI to provide personalized property recommendations and predictive analytics that help investors make informed decisions and developers get critical projects off the ground.  For more information visit buyproperly.com

About Trinnium Equity Group:

Founded in 2015, Trinnium Equity Group’s mission is to make world-class investment opportunities, previously only available to the ultra-wealthy, available to the everyday real estate investor. We make it possible for our investors to enjoy the benefits of true passive income, depreciation, and appreciation while leaving the day-to-day management to our elite team. For more information visit trinnium.com

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